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Vollkommenheit 4.2L High boost Supercharger by MotoDyne

Teflon coated side skirt pistons with detonation suppression designed into the valve relief's

8.5 to 1 compression ratio, pistons are weighted similar to the RS6 factory piston for higher rev potential

Custom one piece intake manifold with Liquid cooled heat exchanger incorporated into the outlet port of the Lysholm Compressor

42lb injectors

Factory- look appearance

uses a hydraulic clutch driven Magnesium 3300ax-R

Everything included for a complete installation
with the highest quality hardware

The MotoDyne supercharger by Robert C. Hack named "Vollkommenheit":
This supercharger application is rated at 647hp and 539FT Torque Guaranteed. These numbers are conservative, if your build does not match or exceed these numbers than you walk away with a "No charge bill". Inspiration for this system comes from years of product development, engineering of forced induction systems, racing and most important the imagination and talent to make this idea a reality.

Aside from building cars for sanctioned racing events and specialty cars for Government and private organizations, I built this setup for my own obsessive reasons and the need to challenge myself to build a fast Audi S8.

A brief introduction to "Vollkommenheit":
MotoDyne starts the build with an inspection process or "clean bill of health" to insure the car chosen by the owner or MotoDyne has no mechanical defects. After the inspection process the driveline is removed for the build.

Choice of the Players run 6spd gearbox or the factory Automatic transmission is chosen, which gets shipped to Europe for Strengthening. The motor is disassembled and the block gets dipped in an acid solution, and later bored.

MotoDyne starts the rebuilding process with a custom crankshaft Custom Rods and Custom pistons, the rotating assembly is rated to 700hp. The Heads are then ported prior to installation of new valvetrain components and custom cams to provide power to 8,500rpm redline the MotoDyne intake and 3300ax-R Lysholm oil driven clutch compressor is mated to the top end of the motor. Stainless Steel headers and exhaust provide the aggressive exhaust note. Perfection Comes with a price tag.

In Production for 40 Valve 4.2L:


Price: $39995.00

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