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S4 3.0 TFSI

Stage I and Stage II tuning for the 3.0 TFSI

Hot Swap pulley kit
The Hot Swap pulley kit allows the user to run a differnt size Supercharger pulley without the need of a pulley puller.
Price: $476.00

S4 factory pulley removal "puller"
This puller fits behind the factory s4 Pulley and is used to remove the factory pressed on s4 pulley from the TVS supercharger, works very similar to a harmonic balancer puller .
Buy Price: $175.00

Loan Price: $35.00

M-cantronic piggyback system
The M-Cantronic takes engine speed into consideration in performance optimization. It taps the RPM values from the CAN-bus (Controller Area Network), and, dependent on this, varies fuel and boost pressure. With this complex modification, the M-Cantronic offers all the advantages a conventional chip-tuning has, yet providing further amenities.
Price: $2,760.00

Current Quantity in stock: 2

Sanitary stainless steel exhaust system
Motodyne's S4 Exhaust is made from sanitary stainless steel, mandrel bent, cat-back exhaust. Our exhaust begins after the two lower factory catalytic converters and is two 2.25" pipes. This exhaust is very quiet and simply changes the tone of the exhaust to a deep, unobtrusive sound. With TIG welding, fully stainless construction, and CNC'ed hangers, you will not find a higher quality system on the market.
Price: $3,999.95

Current Quantity in stock: 2

4 inch' Inside fender cold air intake kit with 9 inch K&N filter
Improve air flow and power. Our air intakes are made of high quality metals and parts, from well-known, trusted names like K&N . They are easy to install for most home mechanics and installation should take less than an hour.
Price: $608.45

Current Quantity in stock: 4

STAGE II swap uses a Magnesium Lyshlom twin screw Kompressor with delta gate and 7rib pulley kit
Kit includes: Magnesium Lysholm kompressor, delta gate, pulley, cold air intake kit, exhaust and M-cantronic,. All necessary hardware included for a safe and reliable 510 horsepower conversion.
Price: 9,700

Current Quantity in stock: 1

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