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AVAILABLE NOW in Stage I kit form and inhouse prepared stage II...

MotoDyne's RS4 4.2L supercharger system ...

RS4 Stage I
Uses our hydradrive (beltless drive) and a variation of the ultra-efficient Swedish-made Opcon/ Lysholm Technologies Twin Screw Compressor. One of the benefits of the Opcon/Lysholm supercharger is its low mechanical drag. This means both the sharp throttle response and free-revving character of the RS4's engine remain uncorrupted, its explosive power delivery simply enhanced .
Boosting at just 5.5 psi, this is a true bolt-on conversion that does not require the engine's compression ratio to be lowered.
Cooling arrangements are similarly efficient with a liquid cooled intercooler providing the charge-air temperature control. This is a self-contained water-cooled system built into the Motodyne intake manifold between the supercharger and cylinder heads. This configuration's advantage is an extremely short flow length with no long runners, so the chance of pressure drop and loss of charge pressure are minimized.

Importantly, mounting the kit is also less of a challenge in an engine bay already short on space thanks to a beltless drive system. Which allows the motodyne supercharger to sit inverted and backwards (remember no belt drive) This benefit allows the manifold and compressor housing to be designed around the Direct injection fueling components that sit in the V of the motor's design. So no Ugly hood Scoop.
(SEMA 07 Award) Most efficient and advanced mechanical design for 2007

Performance numbers are 3.4 seconds for the 0-60 mph) ΒΌ mile 11.4 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph), speed limiter removed.
Price in kit form 17,595.00

Current Quantity in stock: 1

Stage II data and pictures being uploaded For early March 2010)...

RS4 4.2L direct injected fueling

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