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A8,A8L & U.S. S8

All 40 valve 4.2L

4.2L 40v A8, S8 Rotocast head porting service
A8-add 64HP includes chip tuning
S8 with 3 stage intake change over-adds 77HP includes chip tuning CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
Price: $8,200

Current Quantity in stock: 2 pairs for exchange

Vollkommenheit 40v 4.2L Supercharger
"High boost application". Click Here for specifications and technical attributes.
Price $39,995.00

Current Quantity in stock: 1

"Players Run" 6spd

Automatic to manual conversion "Players Run" driveline package rated to 575hp.

For all our North American clients, MotoDyne is happy to bring you a manual gearbox.

Our European friends were having all the fun until now. Since our power adding packages are pushing the A8 and S8 past Audis RS6, we feel a 6spd gearbox is only right.

Our conversion includes:

ZF 6spd gearbox

Clutch and brake pedal

Hydraulic clutch master and slave cylinder

Front CV shafts

Neutral safety switch

Drive shaft

MotoDyne lightened 04, s4 flywheel,

Clutch pack complete with pilot bearing

Complete instructions on how to remove the automatic shifter tunnel cover, and program the AC and idle control to match the European manual specifications for perfect idle quality

Price: $12,495.00

Current Quantity in stock: 2

With installation: $15,700

Note: we will honor a buy back on good automatic core parts; this will reduce your conversion cost

40v 4.2L Supercharger
"A METRIC TON OF POWER AND TORQUE". Click Here for specifications and technical attributes.
Price (starting at 9,995.00)
Current Quantity in stock: 1

MotoDyne Vented Boost gauge cage
Read boost pressure in your a8,s8 and keep the interior clean looking. This gauge is backlit in red to match factory cluster.
Price: $159.45

Current Quantity in stock: 2

Our gauge kits will come with a black or white face backlit in red, with your preference of either VDO or Autometer. You decide on the combination you want and MotoDyne will build it. All kits complete with a CDR install guide.

Pillar Mount Boost Gauge (1996-01)
Pillar mount boost gauge in (s8 white) or(a8 black), backlit in red. Includes all hardware to install.
Price: $146.00

Current Quantity in stock: 1

automatic transmission 1st gear starts
Momentary switch enables first gear starts regardless of throttle position. All hardware included.
Price: $169.00

Current Quantity in stock: 10

TCM Transmission chip tuning and soft coding
Removes the delay between tip shifts, and will allow hold to redline. MotoDyne has tested many Tiptronic powered a8, a8l and s8 vehicles with different levels of performance including supercharging and N20.

MotoDyne can custom tune your TCM transmission control module to desired needs. Combined with our first gear start kit we can remove almost a full second off quarter mile times without engine modifications.
Price: $589.45

Current Quantity in stock: 19

4.2 Liter Cold Air Induction Kit
Mandrel bent 3.5 in charge tube with K&N filter. Replaces factory Airbox. All hardware included.
Price: $398.45

Current Quantity in stock: 7

4.2 adjustable fuel pressure regulator a8,s8

Replaces factory Bosch fuel regulator, allows fuel pressure to be tuned from 12-100psi fits all 4 and 5 valve 4.2L engines.
Price: $294.45

Current Quantity in stock: 3

MotoDyne prepared Audi.
Named at the local car wash: "The Big Baller Series". Click Here for car specifications and armoring.
Includes driver training

starting at $45,000

Current Quantity in stock: 1 used D2 ready to ship

Euro-Spec Chip Set
EPROM set: Removes top speed limiter, improves shift quality, raises HP and torque by 12%.
Price: $699.95

Current Quantity in stock 43



MotoDyne's 4.2L supercharger system featuring...

* CAD designed intake manifold
* Inverted Lysholm 2300ax-R twin screw compressor
* Engine and Transmission software package
* New Bosch 370cc injectors

* The MotoDyne 4.2L V8 supercharger system is designed with the highest quality content making it extremely durable
* Kit will come with all necessary hardware and an installation CD

Picture shown is for all US spec 2000 and newer 5 valve v8's and all Euro spec 5 valve V8's including the s8. (With exception of the new S4 v8).



Audi club PRICE!
5valve A8 & A6
US spec S8
4 valve A8 & V8
Euro A8,S8,v8,&A6



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