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S4 4.2L

Audi S4 B6-B7 Supercharger
The MotoDyne traditional Belt Driven s4 supercharger is our first successful supercharger system for the s4, making 448hp at the crank and 390Ft of Torque. It shares a lot of components of our earlier kits, and has proven itself in the real world since 2004. The one disadvantage to this system is the lengthy installation and disassembly time involved in removal of the b6- b7 s4 nose.
Price: $12,495

Current Quantity in stock: 3

Audi S4 B6-B7 Hydra-Drive Supercharger
The MotoDyne S4 BELTLESS supercharger

(click here for details)

is a concept that MotoDyne holds a patent on, using the manifold only from our first successful s4 supercharger system. We decided to push the design past conventional thinking, and after three years of development and testing, we have now perfected this unique compressor system.

You may wonder why MotoDyne created such a system. The answer is quite simple: This setup eliminates a lengthy installation time because the nose does not have to be removed for fitment.
Price: $19,895

Current Quantity in stock: 1

4.2L S4-Rotocast head porting service
add 71HP includes ECM flash CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
Price: $8,495

Current Quantity in stock: 2 pairs for exchange

TCM Transmission Chip Tuning and Soft Coding
Removes the delay between tip shifts, and will allow hold to redline. MotoDyne has tested many Tiptronic powered S4 vehicles with different levels of performance including supercharging and N20.

MotoDyne can custom tune your TCM transmission control module to the desired needs. Combined with our first gear start kit, we can remove almost a full second off quarter mile times without engine modifications.
Price: $589.00

Current Quantity in stock: 13


K&N Panel Filter B6 S4
Replace your factory paper air filter with a lifetime-lasting cloth K&N filter. This makes a very favorable modification for the B6 S4. On cars with the single feed fuel rail setup, this filtration application must be chosen as opposed to a cone filter to prevent excessive overfueling (this car comes from the factory with a rich fuel mixture).
Price: $99.00

Current Quantity in stock: 3


Cold Air Induction Kit
This kit contains a K&N cone filter, a 3 inch charge tube, air pump inlet filter, and heat shield. MotoDyne recommends this application for the B6 fuel system with regulated rail and return line. A gain of 9-10 horsepower will be achieved.

MotoDyne does not recommend this filtration setup on vehicles equipped with a single feedline fuel rail because this will promote overfueling. However, this kit will become favorable if other significant modifications are made to the car.
Price: $389.00

Current Quantity in stock: 11

MotoDyne Stainless Steel B6 S4 Exhaust System
Our 2 ID sanitary stainless steel exhaust system will outperform any system currently available. The exhaust system utilizes a balance pipe to equalize pressure. The option to change exhaust resonator with straight test pipe within a matter of minutes using a quick disconnect style exhaust flange and clamp gives the driver control over noise and performance (please view downloadable video).
Price: $2,645.00

Current Quantity in stock: 1


Short Throw Shifter
CNC machined, the Motodyne short shifter for the new V8 S4 utilizes cartridge bearings and adjustable throws. No glue or unreasonable modifications needed; a true bolt on product.
Price: $449.00

Current Quantity in stock: 2


4.2 Liter BHF engine with inverted Supercharger System by MotoDyne

Price: $26,995.00

Current Quantity in stock: 2


Driveline Stabilizer Bar
It is a stout piece of hardware with heavy plate steel ends with a beefy center section, that attaches to the tail end of your transmission. This will remove the slop in the driveline normally experienced when creeping along in traffic while in 1st or 2nd gear (Car and Driver called it "rubber banding"). Noticeable when the mass of the car and the torque of 1st gear fight each other. Other benefits are crisper, more positive feeling shifts and a direct transfer of torque to the wheels rather then the rubber mounts when letting out the clutch quickly.
Price: $369.95

Current Quantity in stock: 1


Snub Mount B6 S4
This mount enhances upshifting and downshifting, reduces driveline shock, and helps power transfer by taking up excess drivetrain slack.
Price: 69.95

Current Quantity in stock: 1


Coilover Kit B6 S4
KW Coilover Strut housings in inox-line stainless steel technology. Features the following technical attributes:

Anodized aluminum spring collars and add-on pieces
High-quality, high-tensile racing springs
Special ventilation and sealing system
High-quality damping components
Hardened, chromium-plated piston rods
Special guide and sealing systems
Pistons with V-shaped Teflon seals -
optimal sealing with minimal friction
durable damping technology
Price: $2,795.00

Current Quantity in stock: 1

Brake System Upgrade B6 S4
Our Audi B6 S4 Brembo Gran Turismo Brake package is designed to meet the challenges of high performance street and track driving while adding an authentic, race-ready look. It is sold in axle pairs, and components include left and right calipers and caliper brackets, left and right rotors (disc & bell assembled), left and right stainless steel braided brake lines, brake caliper inlet fitting or banjo bolt, brake caliper inlet copper sealing washer, brake bleeder hose, Loctite Capsule, caliper bracket diagram, and installation instructions.
Price: $5,589.00

Current Quantity in stock: 1

Carbon Kevlar Clutch Upgrade B6 S4
For high-powered applications, Motodyne offers twin and triple multi-plate clutches. These are designed for hot street action as well as drag, road, and rally racing. The triple plate clutch is for drag racing. Twins come with spring damper discs or solid discs. All of our multi-plate clutches come with lightweight, chromemoly steel flywheel and the famous purple anodized forged aluminum clutch cover. Kit includes flywheel, disc(s), & pressure Plate only.
Price: $1,789.00

Current Quantity in stock: 4


Aftermarket Wheels from Antera and ASA with Proper Offset for the B6 S4
AR1 ASA 19-20 inch rims featuring a motorsport-styled mesh spoke. They have optimized durability and strength, and were manufactured using licensed BBS technology. Rivets and a machined lip add a 2-piece look.
Price: $2,189.00

Current Quantity in stock: 4 sets


Full Length Headers B6 S4
Hand built stainless steel headers feature a 1 7/8th tube diameter and come with either a 3in off road x-pipe or catalytic x-pipe using super high flow cats. This kit comes complete and ready to bolt on. These headers will work well with stock displacement all the way to our full blown stroker engine.
Price: $2,989.00

Current Quantity in stock: 1


Ported Cylinder Heads B6 S4
Fully CNC Ported with valve job. Please note that pricing below is for CNC Porting on your head, which you will have to ship to us. Shipping costs added to your order cover shipping your head back to you. To purchase a head outright, please call 609-518-1998.
Price: $2,689.00

Current Quantity in stock: 2 pairs for exchange

Price with new heads: $4,489.00
Current Quantity in stock: 2 pairs

Competition Camshaft Set B6 S4
A 60 horsepower gain, Schrick camshafts boost mid-high end power for that extra motivation at higher rpm. Low-end torque is not seriously affected due to the S4's valve timing. This higher profile cam set works extremely well with an upgraded intake and exhaust. This kit includes the Schrick cams, Bosch balanced 24lb fuel injectors (for more fuel at higher rpm), and an ECM flash-calibrated to this package.
Price: $3,589.00

Current Quantity in stock: 2 sets


Balanced Fuel Injector Set B6 S4
Flow Matched Larger Fuel Injector Set B6 S4 Even a new set of injectors can deliver uneven amounts of fuel to the cylinders. Motodyne uses a state of the art fuel injector test bench to calibrate fuel injectors. A balanced set of our fuel injectors are matched to deliver within 1% of fuel to each cylinder.
Price: Bosch injector set of 8: $1,459.00

Current Quantity in stock: 2


4.3 Liter Stroker Engine B6 S4
Call for information; page dedicated for this item coming soon.
Price: $32,000.00

Current Quantity in stock: 1


B6 S4 Specific Engine Stand
The MotoDyne BHF series 4.2 liter engine stand was specifically designed to hold the B6 S4 engine while still allowing disassembly to be performed. Unlike a conventional engine stand that bolts to the back, the MotoDyne stand holds from the front and attaches to the factory engine mount attachment points. Heavy-duty 1500-lb. capacity, 4-leg folding engine stand has a large, heavy chrome head and frame black frame for the BHF series 4.2 liter engine. 4-hole mounting head rotates 360 degrees and locks with a pin. Folding design saves space for storage in a shop or garage.
Price: $289.00; free with purchase of BHF series engine

Current Quantity in stock: 3

B6 S4 Engine Service Tool Set
This set includes a complete assortment of Audi specific service tools to completely disassemble the BHF series 4.2 liter engine.
Price: $282.00

Current Quantity in stock: 2

NGK V Power Spark Plug Set
MotoDyne has used these plugs extensively on forced induction and Nitrous Oxide injected engines, and we have found that NGK is superior in performance and durability as opposed to the factory equipped Bosch spark plugs. From the manufacturer's website:

Price: $89.00

Current Quantity in stock: 5 sets


B6 S4 Tiptronic Transmission Cooler by MotoDyne
The MotoDyne Tiptronic transmission cooler will keep your transmission cool. It is made of lightweight aluminum with an efficient stacked plate design. Multiple cooling paths give it the cooling capacity of a larger fan and tube cooler, so you can even use it as an engine oil cooler. Also, because it has a low-pressure drop design, there is less oiling-system restriction. Includes everything needed for a complete installation. Recommended for extreme heat racing and modified vehicles.
Price: $539.95


Current Quantity in stock: 2

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