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B5 Passat (1998 & Up)

Passat 2.8L 30v V6 Supercharger kit
Complete conversion parts to add a Supercharger to your V6 powered passat. .
Price: $4995.00

HKS Boost Controller
HKS variable boost controller for the 1.8 turbo Passat.
Price: $137.00

A-pillar Turbo Boost Gauge and Pod
30 psi boost gauge in black, backlit in blue, to match the factory cluster. Complete with all installation hardware and instructions.
Price: $147.99

VW Passat R12 to 134A AC Conversion Kit
Kit contains the items needed to perform a retrofit to R134a. Retrofitting kits can be found in most automotive part stores however most apply to domestic auto?s and never include all necessary parts for a successful conversion. This kit Includes the necessary Freon for charging capacity for converting a factory Porsche Audi system to R134a, pre formulated conversion oil with proportion table (synthetic ND-oil 8 ) when applicable to model including o-rings, high and low side fittings, Teflon tape, shrader valve remover, and new shrader valves 2 high and low side fittings straight or 90 depending on model type. Installation CD and or instruction manual so there is no guess work. This kit was developed using metric hardware, factory service fittings and factory recommended fluids. This kit was developed buy real world mechanics and AC service technicians to provide a safe and reliable retrofit that is dealer compliant.
Price: $129.00

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