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Volkswagen 4.2L Supercharger by MotoDyne

Up to 50% horsepower increase

Up to 55% torque increase

Inverted supercharger intake manifold to use the reliable Lysholm rotor group

MotoDyne ECM &TCM (Transmission Control Module) software

Factory- look appearance

Modular installation

Everything included for a complete installation
with the highest quality hardware

The MotoDyne supercharger features a heavy wall casting for (sound deadening) and wrap around fins for strength and cooling.

The 2300ax, 2300axR Lysholm supercharger is one of the best twin screw compressors worldwide. It matches the Audi's mechanical finish perfectly with its metric hex hardware, enhanced by a hi-temp black powder coat and machined finish; it's an absolutely perfect match.

The MotoDyne supercharger makes positive pressure right off idle for smooth, powerful engine response right to redline.

Squeeze the throttle in any gear for instant acceleration. Smooth flowing runners and plenum to deliver matched power and torque. With a superior drive belt configuration of 90 percent belt wrap on the blower drive pulley there is no wasted boost under load from belt slippage or power steering cut out in bad weather due to a miss-configured idler and belt orientation.

When not under boost, it only takes 1/3-horsepower to turn the twin-rotors.

MotoDyne engineered this supercharger to be modular, simple installation that can be completed in about 8 hours. Premium fuel is required, ECM & TCM preparation included. Complete with all parts necessary for installation.



VW 4.2L V8
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Phone: 856- 470-6067
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